Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Are you one of those?

(By Brad Streiger)

They are the souls that have come to earth to perform a specific task. Actual their homeland is a distant elsewhere in the universe. The majority of these souls engaged in helping the humanity (as psychologists, social workers, doctors, Astrologers, teachers, journalists, politicians, etc.). There is an internal mechanism for the task to prepare the world for the new era, the era of Aquarius. They have a charismatic personality, they are intuitive and see ahead of their time. The key portrait of Uranium covers the following characteristics: - Magnetic eye - Charismatic personality - Body temperature lower than normal - Unusual blood type, or even a combination blood group - Transitional vertebra, or backbone extra or abnormal side - Hypersensitivity to electricity, electromagnetic fields etc. - Blood pressure lower than normal - But merely a little sleep, and perform better nighttime - There have been unexpected by their parents children - While generally express their love for their parents, they feel that the mother and father are not their real parents - They feel that their ancestors came really from another world, another dimension, another level of consciousness and nostalgia for true homeland, there «beyond the Stars» - They have a sense of urgency, a lack of time for the performance of great purpose and a special task - They feel a hum or a high-frequency sound engineer in their ears before or during any event or psychic warning - Invisible comrades in their childhood, which offer them guidance, support and information to keep them then, drivers, custodians, etc. - They had a serious accident, illness or trauma around 11 or 12 who encourage them to turn inwards - Seem to have an abnormal and paranormal abilities that are considered by their families and their peers. It also seems to have an abnormal and skills in areas such as arts, mathematics, music, drama, science or treatment - They find out that young children and animals are attracted to them - They may have mystical crosses on their palms - People are attracted to the unusual crystals and certain kind of stones - They often dream flights, which operate freely in the air From my own research, I believe the following for these people: - Leaders - generals (are those people who will organize the action plan to save the earth, through the enlightened guidance of their intellectual Guide - Celestial Wise and will lead to a renaissance for) - Light Workers (it is those people who carry out important in designing this, with the assistance for the community and the humanitarian activities) - Universe soldiers - assistants (are those who will bring the action teams, will coordinate and control the situation) - Universe messengers (are those who will carry information, the Secretaries of action groups) Souls are downloaded to earth for a single purpose, to save the humanity. All, without exception, are important because they have chosen a difficult path in life, and they feel foreign here in this place....

Saturday, August 6, 2022


What we call love is really a whole spectrum of relating, reaching from the earth to the sky. 

At the most earthy level, love is sexual attraction. Many of us remain stuck there, because our conditioning has burdened our sexuality with all kinds of expectations and repressions. Actually the biggest "problem" with sexual love is that it never lasts. Only if we accept this fact can we then really celebrate it for what it is--welcome its happening, and say good-bye with gratitude when it's not. 

Then as we mature, we can begin to experience the love that exists beyond sexuality and honors the unique individuality of the other. We begin to understand that our partner often functions as a mirror, reflecting unseen aspects of our deeper self and supporting us to become whole. 

This love is based in freedom, not expectation or need. Its wings take us higher and higher towards the universal love that experiences all as one!

These three things are to be taken note of: the lowest love is sex--it is physical--and the highest refinement of love is compassion. Sex is below love, compassion is above love; love is exactly in the middle. 

Very few people know what love is. Ninety-nine percent of people, unfortunately, think sexuality is love--it is not. Sexuality is very animal; it certainly has the potential of growing into love, but it is not actual love, only a potential.... 

If you become aware and alert, meditative, then sex can be transformed into love. And if your meditativeness becomes total, absolute, love can be transformed into compassion. Sex is the seed, love is the flower, compassion is the fragrance. 

Buddha has defined compassion as 'love plus meditation'. When your love is not just a desire for the other, when your love is not only a need, when your love is a sharing, when your love is not that of a beggar but an emperor, when your love is not asking for something in return but is ready only to give--to give for the sheer joy of giving--then add meditation to it and the pure fragrance is released. 

That is compassion; compassion is the highest phenomenon!


Monday, August 1, 2022


 Wonderful positive affirmations of empowerment!

- I am now surrounded by Angels

- The Angels shine the love of God upon me and through me

- I accept this love from God and the Angels

- I deserve love

- I deserve happiness

- I deserve health

- I deserve help from Heaven and I accept it now

- I call upon God and the Angels to help and guide me

- I listen to my inner voice and feelings

- My inner voice and feelings is guidance from God and the Angels

- This guidance is everything I need

- I follow my guidance in full of faith

- I know that God and the Angels love me and guide me right now

- I accept the Angel’s love

- I accept love

- I love

- I am love

- I love everyone

- Everyone loves me

- I am very loved

- I love the whole world

- I forgive everyone

- I forgive myself

- I send God’s love to everyone I meet

- I guard my thoughts carefully and only allow positive and loving thoughts to come through 

- There is an abundance of love in the world

- There is enough for everyone

- There is plenty to go around 

- I have an abundance of everything

- I attract wonderful, loving people into my life

- My Angels and I enjoy new opportunities to give service to the world

- I am rewarded constantly 

- My life is harmonious and peaceful

- I am peaceful

- I am radiant

- I am joyful

From the book “HEALING WITH THE ANGELS”, by Doreen Virtue

Sunday, March 6, 2022

FORGIVENESS (Doreen Virtue)



Release anger and irritation. They realize that you may be perfectly justified in feeling angry. Yet, they ask you to look at the high price you pay for being the vessel of anger.

Forgiveness does not mean, “What you did is okay to me.” It simply means, “I am no longer willing to carry around pain in response to your actions".

When we hold unforgiveness in our hearts, we only punish ourselves, after all...

Your angels will help you release unforgiveness...

If you will just ask for their assistance!

Source: Healing With The Angels, by Doreen Virtue

Friday, November 19, 2021


Another group of people, who belong to the Lightworkers and have the following characteristics:

1. Incarnated angels have "sweet" facial features, usually with a heart-shaped face and childlike features.

2. They have a history of "codependent" relationships, because of their predisposition to giving and nurturing others. They also can see the best in everyone, so they often stay in abusive relationships longer than the average person would tolerate.

3. Incarnated angels often have histories of compulsive overeating, or other addictions. This is especially true for angels who are disconnected from their spirituality.

4. They are natural healers and helpers, and often have healing professions such as nursing, massage therapy, social work, or teaching. Strangers pour out their hearts to them, and often say, "I don't know why I'm telling you such private things about myself. There's just something about you that I feel I can trust."

5. Incarnated angels are very generous people who sometimes have difficulty in receiving. Consequently, they can manifest lack in their lives by blocking the flow of money, love, energy, and other natural resources, from coming into their lives.

The incarnated Angels are highly intuitive. Yet, they often have difficulty trusting their intuition. Partially, this comes from years of trying to adapt to earth life. After all, the customs here are so foreign to their natural inclinations, that incarnated angels eventually learn to discount their inner feelings.

Saturday, June 19, 2021


When there is no "significant other" in our lives we can either be lonely, or enjoy the freedom that solitude brings. When we find no support among others for our deeply felt truths, we can either feel isolated and bitter, or celebrate the fact that our vision is strong enough even to survive the powerful human need for the approval of family, friends or colleagues.

If you are facing such a situation now, be aware of how you are choosing to view your "aloneness" and take responsibility for the choice you have made!

The humble figure in this card glows with a light that emanates from within. One of Gautam Buddha's most significant contributions to the spiritual life of humankind was to insist to his disciples, "Be a light unto yourself." Ultimately, each of us must develop within ourselves the capacity to make our way through the darkness without any companions, maps or guide.


And there is a tremendous difference between loneliness and aloneness. When you are lonely you are thinking of the other, you are missing the other. Loneliness is a negative state.

You are feeling that it would have been better if the other was there--your friend, your wife, your mother, your beloved, your husband. It would have been good if the other was there, but the other is not...

 Loneliness is absence of the other. 
Aloneness is the presence of oneself.

Aloneness is very positive. It is a presence, overflowing presence. You are so full of presence that you can fill the whole universe with your presence and there is no need for anybody!